AAKF 2017 Nationals

2017 International Camp and Judges Seminar

The AAKF National Championships will be preceded by a 3-day International Camp conducted in conjunction with the Judges seminar. The International camp will emphasize Traditional Budo Principles, Fundamentals and Applications.

The AAKF International Training Camp will take place from Tuesday, June 20 to Thursday, June 22, at the Our Lady Queen of Peace School Gym, 418 Holly Avenue, Madison, WI 53711.

As in all AAKF camps, training is designed to improve the technical understanding of karateka of all ranks and ages, for competing and non-competing athletes and cover all aspects of training (kihon, kata, kumite, kogo, enbu). This camp will offer participants personalized instruction from senior members of the AAKF & WTKF Technical Committee and other international instructors.

Featured guest instructors are Sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński, president of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation, and Khiang Seow, teacher of Chen style Taijiquan. The Taijiquan portion of the seminar will be 9:00 to 10:30 on Tuesday, June 20.

Fees: $100 for one or two days, $120 for all three days.
The camp is free for 2016-2017 USA Team Members.
Participants who are not current AAKF members will be charged $40 in addition to the regular camp fee.

There is still time to register online!

Technical Qualifications and Tournament Participation

All judges who plan to participate in the AAKF National Championships or take part in credentialing upgrade are required to participate in all 3 days of this refresher course. Judges qualifying examination and selection will be held on June 22.

Judging Attire for AAKF National Championships
  • Junior, Adult Kyu, and Championship Eliminations: white gi
  • Championship Finals: White gi top, black hakama bottom
Competition Rules

Examinations for judges, dan rank, ranking examiners, and coaches will be held at the end of the camp. All examinees are required to participate in all 3 days of training. For more information regarding the qualification requirements, visit the following:

Coaching Certification Technical Qualification Guide
Judging Certification Technical Qualification Guide
Ranking Examiner Technical Qualification Guide
Ranking Promotion Technical Qualification Guide
Examination Forms